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TumbleBeads of Southeastern New Mexico

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THE bead group in Southeastern New Mexico! 


TumbleBeads of Southeastern New Mexico is an informal group of beaders who meet at Happy Jack's in Roswell, NM on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 6p.m. Beaders of all levels and ages are welcomeNo fees or membership dues--just bring yourself, bring a friend, bring a beading project if you have one, or find one here, and meet a whole group of new beady friends!

Some of us are bead omnivores, trying everything, some of us are stringers, some are cabbers, some are loomers, some of us are quilters sneaking in some beading; we range from needing help to thread the needle, to being brave enough to mix bead sizes without a panic attack, to accomplished and published artists ~ and we all bead together and have fun.

Our goal is to encourage and enable the bead creativity in everyone by sharing, learning and laughing (and sometimes eating cookies:). our motto of "Each one teach one" means we all learn and teach each other with kindness and respect.  (Ain't no better way than that.)