LACY'S Stiff Stuff -- the Best Stuff to Bead On!

About LACY'S Stiff Stuff

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Professional Products for Professional Results!


Accept no substitutes! LACY'S is a refined and smooth beading foundation--it won't snag your threads or your hands. At last, a product that takes the drag out of your beading foundation: easier stitching, and holds right to the edge!

LACY'S can work for small, delicate pieces, just as well as it holds a substantial weight (think big: sculptural pieces, artwear, dancing shoes and pow-wow dress, dance costumes, beaded clothing, theatrical costumes, sheer personal glam:). LACY'S is itself light, smooth, easy to bead through and tough enough to cut, glue and layer--it will hold its shape. LACY'S is even washable and dyable. (Whether your materials are is, of course, up to you.)

Sick of beading on less-than-cooperative materials? Use LACY'S! 

Hate bending those fine expensive needles you need for 14, 15, 16 or smaller sized beads? Use LACY'S!  

Tired of wearing out your fingers, struggling with tough card stock or plastic butter tub lids (yuck!)? Use LACY'S!

Want your pieces to hold up against the ravages of time and wear? Use LACY'S!
Tired of sub-par substrates for your beautiful work?  Use LACY'S!
LACY'S Stiff Stuff(tm) makes applique beading, cabochon beading, embroidery, scraplique, (you name it) fun, easy and durable!!

Lacy's Stiff Stuff
The possibilities are endless!

Lacy's Stiff Stuff (tm) is a premium beading foundation for cabochon beading and bead applique.
There have been a number of good books on the market for years dealing with cabochon beading and bead embroidery. Some call for the use of index cards, layers of various materials glued together, garment interfacing or even plastic butter tub lids as a foundation for beadwork. Lacy's Stiff Stuff(tm) beats them all for ease of use and durability!
If you want a professional look, look for Lacy's Stiff Stuff(tm). 
Pros know:
Recent books and articles in magazines recommend the use of LACY'S Stiff Stuff(tm). (See Sharon Bateman's Morning Rose Rosette, or various volumes of Beadwork, Bead and Button, Belle Armoire and other publications available for reference on the internet.)

Cuff bracelet (work-in-progress and finished)
Free Pattern! Link above


  • This material lasts--and lasts, and lasts.  It is tough enough to use even the smallest scraps (some of us really use even the tiny snips to shore up rounded cabochons, and scraps make great free form pieces).
  • LACY'S Stiff Stuff has been dyed and used for outdoor signs that have stood up perfectly through New Mexico sun and snow for more than 8 years; it even has occasional industrial applications (ask Jack:)...and still, your needle glides through this durable product so you have less stress on your hands and your needles. The only thing that might wear out is your thread!
  • No need for frames, embroidery hoops or card backing. LACY'S Stiff Stuff(tm) remains firm all the way to the edge as you work.
  • LACY'S Stiff Stuff(tm) can be dyed to any background color you wish, and will still be firm!
  • Cabochons can be glued to LACY'S Stiff Stuff(tm) with an E-6000(tm)-type glue and they will stay put.  No need to bezel around cabs--even dichroic glass cabs are secure on LACY'S Stiff Stuff(tm).
  • Since LACY'S Stiff Stuff(tm) is a porous material, you can begin to work about 20 minutes after gluing--no need to wait until tomorrow.
  • Bead embroidery patterns can be drawn on, traced through, or applied using NEW LACY'S Self-Adhesive Pattern Sheets(tm).

See our reviews in Belle Armoire magazine and watch for us in upcoming and ongoing Bead and Button, Beadwork, Art Jewelry,  and other magazines!

Lacy's really cool cuff

Lacy's Stiff Stuff --the best Stuff to bead on

Bring on the end of beading on the butter-tub lid!

Lacy's Stiff Stuff is available retail and wholesale from:
4905 W 2nd St.
P. O. Box 2646
Roswell, NM 88201
Phone: (575) 623-1544
FAX:   (575) 623-0769