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**NEW!** We are excited to announce you can now order Lacy's Stiff Stuff directly from us ONLINE! Visit our online store and place your order today. Click the link below to be directed to Happy Jack's Bead Emporium. We ship anywhere in the US, for FREE (just pay a $1.95 order processing fee). Our shopping cart is secure - shop with confidence!

Visit our online bead store at Happy Jack's Bead Emporium. Shop for Lacy's Stiff Stuff, unique cabs you won't see anywhere else, seed beads, findings, pendants and charms, and more!

Happy Jack's Bead Emporium online store

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Sherry needs no introduction:

Sherry Serfini--Sherry Serafini Jewelry Designs

Our very own Bungee Beader's site:

Bungee Beader

BungeeBeader's Home for Extreme Beading--No Helmet, No Net, No Brainer, No Kidding--beaders/beading/OCB enabler (Obsessive Creative Beaders or Obsessive Compulsive Beader--pick one, I'm both) 

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