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**NEW!** We are excited to announce you can now order Lacy's Stiff Stuff directly from us ONLINE! Visit our online store and place your order today. Click the link below to be directed to Happy Jack's Bead Emporium. While you're there, take a look around - we offer unique cabs, beads, pendants and charms, needles, tools and supplies as well! We ship anywhere in the US, for FREE (just pay a $1.95 order processing fee).

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Developed in 1996 in Roswell, NM, Lacy's Stiff Stuff is one of the best innovations in modern bead embroidery. It is vastly superior to the old methods of using index cards, iron-on interfacing, plastic butter-tub lids... It's smooth, won't snag your threads and holds up to washing and weather. You put your heart into your work--your work deserves the best foundation. Your work deserves the original premium beading foundation -  Lacy's Stiff Stuff! 
Using Lacy's Stiff Stuff ~ Tips, Tricks, Hints: 
Color your Lacy's for unlimited background options!
 ~ LACY'S Stiff Stuff can be easily dyed to match your background, your thread, or your heart's desire with RIT dyes:
Mix 1 tsp. RIT powder to 2 cups boiling water. Be careful: the dye will fizz and boil up. Allow Lacy's to soak in the dye for 60 seconds. Rinse in cold water and pat dry with paper towel. Allow to air-dry. 
 * You can adjust the color of your Lacy's by adjusting the length of time you soak it.
 ~ Lacy's Stiff Stuff can be colored with permanent ink markers:
Color as you go to change background colors as needed in following your design or pattern.
Make bigger pieces of Lacy's for your large projects! 
 ~ Lacy's Stiff Stuff can be made to any size and shape you desire, simply by "butting" your pieces together. The process is simple:
Put your glue (such as E6000) on the edge of one of the pieces of Lacy's Stiff Stuff. Place the pieces you wish to join, edge to edge.  Do NOT overlap them, simply butt them next to each other, making sure the glue makes contact with both pieces.  Allow to dry. Once dry, you can bead across the seam. You can do this many times and in different areas. This allows you to work on each piece in a more managable size, then place the pieces together for your completed project. 

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For a FREE pattern to make this freeform cuff bracelet, click HERE! (will take you to a link on our retail website


FREE PATTERN for this cuff - click link above! ^
Freeform Cuff Bracelet - in progress and finished pieces

An artsy piece...
chaswrhttdonlss.jpg our very own Bungee Beader ;)


In progress...


Hair comb.

Turquoise Trails
Cuff Bracelet by Lacy



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